Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 34

Just a quick update that we received our 34-week scan and our surrogate mom and the babies are all doing well. Here are their stats:

• Twin1: 4.8 pounds (2191 grams)
• Twin2: 5.2 pounds (2343 grams)

That's exactly 10 pounds together! Sorry Ms S for having to carry all that weight around for us! :) According to the report, both babies are in cephalic presentation now.

Supposedly week 34 is a big milestone in pregnancy. Still cannot believe we are at this stage and getting closer to the finish line. We have checked with Dr Shivani and she's recommending we should be there by week 38, which is mid October. But something tells me we have to go before then! I have read that majority of twins are born around week 36-37. Hoping the babies will stay put for another 3 weeks so we can finish our remaining shopping and shelf projects. We don't want to inconvenience them with those tasks when they are here!

The war for picking baby names continues. Lol. While we have pretty much settled with the 2 boy names, the girl names are still up in the air because we have too many choices. For their last names we want to hyphenate ours. Hoping we won't have any issues for their birth certificate or passports. Would like to hear from other parents with similar experience.

Congratulations to SCI clients Anwar and Magnus each having twins recently.  Best wishes to each family.
Will share our packing list in next blog.


  1. This is getting really exciting! I wouldn't leave it til 38 weeks, but if you fly earlier be prepared to wait as you can't hurry these things along. It depends on how much you want to be there for the birth. Get packing!!!

    1. I agree. We are targeting to be in Delhi week 37 now. I was just reading babies can gain 1/2 lbs per week during third trimester. So not sure how much room they have to grow!

  2. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in the pregnancy. I agree that if it is important for you to be present at the birth, you may want to consider going earlier. We got to India at 35 weeks and our twins did not arrive until 37. But it was well worth it for us to be there and hold them moments after they were born.

    We had 3 sets of names prepared for the possible sex combinations at birth but we did not share our ideas beforehand with others because we find that everyone has their own opinion or agenda when it comes to baby name suggestions. It was hard writing their names for the first time with a steady hand given the excitement, but I was careful to write in large clear block letters for the hospital documents and we didn't have any issues with spelling on birth certificates or passports.

    1. Thank you guys for the advice. Ideally it would be nice to be there right before their birth, but with our job commitments, I'm not sure if we have the luxury of going that much earlier. I agree about not sharing the names until it's finalized.