Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catching Up...

So it's been few months since we have started our surrogacy journey, but I was not sure if I want to blog about it as I have been afraid of failures and wasn't sure if I want to expose my intimate feelings during this journey with the outside world. In reality, I had NEVER blogged about anything in my life. However after reading so many blogs of other IPs (Intended Parents) who have been through this process or are in the middle of their journey, recently I decided to give this a try. There are many reasons for doing this:
  1. I must say I have made friends through the blog land and I have learned from others. So it makes sense to give back to the blog community, and hopefully someone will learn a few things from our journey. I'm hopeful our circle of friends will grow.
  2. I hope to share this blog with friends and family in the future and hopefully share pictures once  the baby arrives. As I have heard from other IPs, it's a great tool to look back at the journey and see how it all started.
  3. I hope one day to share this blog with our future children when they are old enough to understand things and want to know how they were brought into this world.
  4. I find blogging and keeping a journal / diary very therapeutic. I have written private diaries in the past. However this would be the first time I'm sharing my thoughts and emotions with outside world.
So in my next few postings, I'm going to back track and hope to catch up to the present day soon.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This is a story of a Brooklyn couple, S&P, traveling from Brooklyn, New York, all the way to New Delhi, India in the search of their dream of having a baby through surrogacy.

We are a same-sex couple who have been together more than 15 years. For years we have talked about how wonderful it will be to have a family, but we realized having a baby is not going to be easy for us! In recent years, our love for children have intensified when our sisters started having babies. Together we have 2 nephews (ages 7 and 2.5) and a niece (2.5 years old). We love them dearly. Finally in 2011 we were determined to make this happen so we joined various support groups and explored our options with adoption and surrogacy.

I love this picture as it represents flags of 3 nations:
  1. India - Where my partner is originally from, although he was born in Brooklyn, New York! (and hopefully the birth place of our future child).
  2. Iran - My home country where I grew up and lived until age 18.
  3. USA - Our current home.
This flag truly symbolizes our future baby, the melting of 3 great nations!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.