Monday, September 23, 2013

The pictures

Monday September 23rd, 2013 will always be remembered as one of the most special days of our lives. This morning at 2:48am EST (New York time), Lalit from SCI sends us this email:

Dear P&S,
We hope you are doing fine.
We would like to inform you that Shabana has gone into labor and she is having strong contractions.
In view of the same, our Obstetrician team has taken her into labor room and planning her delivery.
We will request our colleague- Ms. Nabanita to please visit Eden Hospital to capture photos of your babies after birth.
We will get back to you soon with good news :))
With Best Regards,
Of course we were sleep at the time. But apparently 10 minutes later (3:01AM and 3:03AM EST),  babies are born via C-section. At around 7am when I was waking up to go to work, the phone rings. As soon as I looked at the caller ID, I knew it's from India. Dr Shivani congratulates us and gives us the update. It was so wonderful to hear her voice giving us the good news. Then we get this email with pictures attached: 
Greetings from SCI Healthcare!!!
Congratulations on Achieving Parenthood.
Please find attached the Pics of your babies.

Also please find below the health status of your babies:
  • Both the babies are healthy and fine.
  • Both the babies are on Demand Feed.
  • Vitals and Systems of Both the Babies are Stable.
We would like to inform you that your baby girl & baby boy are in Eden Hospital.
We would like to request you to please find below the contact number of Dr. Anuj (Pediatrician at Eden Hospital).
If you have any concern in mind or you need any updates regarding your baby girl & baby boy, you can directly contact Dr. Anuj to clarify the same.
We all at SCI are very happy for you and looking forward to meeting you soon.
Please feel free to contact me for further assistance.

Thanks & Regards

So the babies showed up 2-3 weeks earlier than expected. But the good news is they are healthy and won't be needing NICU. So now we are in a hurry to pack and get ready to book our hotel and head to Delhi. Have spent most of the day dealing with work, HR, talking to family and friends and doing last minute paperwork. It's going to be a crazy week. Have shed a few tears when talking to loved ones. Have been waiting for this moment all my life, and I cannot believe it's finally here and we'll get to hold them in our arms in few days. I feel emotionally drained and my brain is scattered all over the place at the moment. Need to get some sleep soon. 
We haven't finalized the names. Would like to see them in person before naming them.
May all your wishes and dreams come true. Ours definitely did today. 
Introducing our bundles of joy :)

Our baby girl born at 3:01AM
Our baby boy born at 3:03AM


  1. Beautiful
    Thank you for letting me part of your journey. I will always remember all of us having a dream together.
    Your children are beautiful, and will truly know how much they were wanted and yearned for. Enjoy every moment of your new family. I can't wait to be next.

    1. Ah, thank you Lynn for all your support. Hopefully we'll see you guys in Delhi in couple of weeks? We cannot wait to hear your news!!

  2. "Need to get some sleep soon." Forget about it, and get used to it! :-) Congratulations! Having children and raising them is such an fantastic journey...

    1. Haha, good one! Thank you and congrats on bringing home your little girl. That's so wonderful.

  3. Beautiful babies, what a dream come true!

  4. I look away from blog land for one day and look what happens! WOW! Congratulations guys. The babies are beautiful. Nathan and I are ecstatic for you. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you travel to meet your new family! Life is as it should be. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you guys. You are not too far from realizing your dream. Let us know if we can provide any advice as you get closer.

  5. How beautiful, what gorgeous little ones, congratulations, you must be aching to hold them.

    1. Thank you Megan. Yes dying to hold them!! :)

  6. Your little ones are beautiful. Really happy that they are healthy and safe. Have a safe journey to India! Many congratulations

    1. Thank you guys. Wishing for good news on your end.

  7. Amazing and adorable! We are so happy for y'all!

    Greg, Danny and Zachary

    1. Hey guys!! Thank you so much. Your friends in Houston were one of our first inspiration back in early 2000. Wow, time passed quickly...