Tuesday, October 7, 2014

12-month update

About 2-3 years ago when we were visiting my partner's family in Florida, I saw this TV commercial that I really liked! So when I explained it to my partner what the commercial was all about:
"You always went for tall, dark and handsome types, so who would have thought the love of your life would be short and bald! Having a baby changes everything"... He paused at first, gave me a look and said: "Who would have thought?!" lol - He likes to pick on my thinning hair and being short according to him - although I am 5'9" tall! :)

Anyway I cannot believe couple of years later, Anjali and Arian have become the love of our lives, and yes having a baby does change everything! We just celebrated their first birthday having a party with 40+ of our friends and family. The babies are too young to understand their first birthday, but I think for us it was celebrating a major milestone. Sharing a few pictures from the party and this summer below.

Babies each have 6 teeth. They now eat everything and have switched from formula to cow milk. Anjali is very close to walking - she holds the furniture while walking around, and Arian is crawling. Developmentally He is a little behind baby sister although he's 4 lbs heavier! :) 

Life has been good  but very busy with the babies. Although for a while I struggled with back pain and sciatica due to carrying/wearing the little ones. I have learned to be careful with my back and do my daily stretches / yoga. 

This past Spring / Summer, we took a few trips with the babies including a week in San Francisco, CA visiting my sister, then Boston, Lake George and Montreal. 
I haven't been that active on the blog land lately but happy to see SCI and Dr Shivani have expanded their business to Nepal giving other gays and singles the opportunity of becoming parents. These days we do think about a year ago when we were in Delhi for baby-pickup, and it brings back so much memory. I have to say we do miss New Delhi. Maybe in couple of years we will be ready for another baby!
Until next update, never give up on your dreams...

Babies having a great time at Coney Island on Labor Day
Anjali turning on TV to watch her cartoon!
Babies at 11 months
Arian playing in our Montreal apartment
Arian at 9.5 months
Arian enjoying the picnic in Lake George, NY at 10.5 months
Anjali being playful while Arian is serious by the lake in Lake George, NY

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