Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Belly Images

So today we got our week-25 scan, and thankfully everything is ok with our surrogate and the babies. The twins weigh more than one pound each - that's twice their weight last month! Here is a video of what to expect during this stage of the babies development.

Also earlier this week SCI shared with us some belly pictures from our surrogate:

Every time I look at the pictures, I get very emotional, as it makes me realize what an amazing woman she is for doing this for us. We will always regard her as the angel that came to our life giving us our precious gifts!! We are planning to send a gift to her and her children this week as a token of our gratitude.

We have started sharing the pregnancy news with more people. Next week I am planning to tell my boss and coworkers the news as I have to plan my FMLA and backup plan. This week we have joined several parenting groups in our neighborhood including the Brooklyn Parents of Twins group. Very exciting!!

As we prepare for the babies arrival, a few projects are in full swing including the reconstruction of our living room and the baby room that was damaged two years back due to flooding, shopping for the babies, creating the registry, etc. Our friends are planning the baby shower in mid August. We have already spent a few hours at Buy Buy Baby store creating our registry and learning about their products. Time is definitely passing quickly and there is so much to be done!!

Also it is quite interesting to see how we are gradually changing our "extra-curricular activities" as we prepare for the arrival of the babies. Last year I had to stop playing tennis tournaments after 13 years - it used to be my passion for years. And last week, I stopped Bikram Yoga after 9 years of practice! Our priorities in life need to change to make time for the little ones. Will have to figure out creative ways to have a healthy life style while parenting.

Hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter for those IPs Down Under!).